Art residency
2021-2022 שהיית אמן

Height: 300 cm, Length: 10 m, width: 6 m.

Position – 2 op

Set atop the Muslala rooftop , a multi-cultural ecological art center and an active public space in the center of the city of Jerusalem, Materials Play is a proposed children’s playground. As Muslala is a laboratory for art, society and sustainability, this playground installation would improve daily life in an urban environment, connecting adults and children while sparking imagination. Materials Play employs photovoltaic sheets – used for shade and light absorption and turning it into electricity at night, along with wood, glass and natural rocks and trees. It is an immersive playground with a perforated surface using these materials in a unique way. Materials Play elevates physically and spiritually, animating the landscape with pink ladders that take flight and allows for an inside outside experience while hanging over the edge. The curiosity of people is stimulated through climbing steps with courage and imagination, towards a telescopic experience in one corner and embracing the vista for a new point of view and, at the same time, others are crawling and sliding below.

The project was presented in a partial colaboration with Danielle Dimston-Visual Artist

This project didn’t reach the building process